Do you understand Canada's cannabis possession limits?
Across Canada, one can purchase, or carry, up to 30 grams of dried cannabis. While most people can easily understand this limit, many face a challenge when understanding how to combine multiple cannabis products. For instance, how many grams of...
Cannabis at work: understanding your rights as an employee and employer
Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in October 2018, and the legalization of edibles in October 2019, it’s important that Canadians have a good understanding of cannabis laws. Since July 2019, we have been conducting monthly Canada-wide surveys to better...
Canada’s cannabis laws – how workplaces can protect themselves for upcoming holiday parties
As the year comes to an end, many workplaces will be planning their holiday parties. Employers should know Canada’s Cannabis laws and how they can protect themselves and their employees.
3 reasons cannabis is different from alcohol
On November 6, RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) attended the Cannabis Cover conference in partnership with Insurance Business Canada Magazine as a media partner. This event brought together leading insurance influencers to discuss key perspectives on new regulations for edibles, extracts...
How cannabis education, like CannEd can benefit your organization
CannEd (developed by RCU) is an online cannabis educational course built for employers and employees to help organizations effectively communicate their workplace cannabis policy and reduce risk through education. While this sort of thing was once mostly relevant to safety-sensitive jobs, it is now part of every employee and employer's life as a citizen in a legalized country.
3 factors that can affect how you react to cannabis
On October 15, RCU attended the Conference Board of Canada’s Cannabis at Work Conference in partnership with the Globe and Mail as a participating sponsor. This conference took place just two days before the legalization of cannabis edibles in Canada.
Cannabis Canada – edibles to hit the stores
Cannabis edibles are hot news in Canada this month. They may be regarded as ‘old school,’ but new amendments under the Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17, 2019 – a year after recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada...
RCU welcomes The Hunny Pot!
We are excited to welcome The Hunny Pot, Toronto's first legal cannabis store to our roster of clients! The Hunny Pot, located at 202 Queen Street West, Toronto is now equipped with CannEd Retail on their website to continue advocating...
3 reasons your organization should have a workplace cannabis policy

Cannabis legalization is a huge step in the right direction for consumers to enjoy products responsibly. In order to ensure that this freedom doesn’t meet criticism, it is important that everyone knows the facts and laws in order to make responsible choices.

RCU Joins the Ontario Cannabis Policy Council
On Thursday, September 26, 2019, Ontario Chamber of Commerce (the “OCC”) and Fire & Flower launched Ontario Cannabis Policy Council. The Council is the first of its kind in Ontario composed of industry leaders who will tackle the key issues impacting the recreational cannabis industry.
Navigating Canada cannabis laws: the driver's manual
Despite people’s perceptions, cannabis and driving do not mix well. Maybe this is something you already know, but do you know the specific federal and provincial laws that pertain to driving under the influence of cannabis? Here’s a simple guide to help you remain informed about Canada cannabis laws.
Canada cannabis laws 101 - a quick quiz
The discussion is not so simple, due to the diversity of cannabis laws and regulations across Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories, which requires having your wits about you as you travel cross country. 
Sneak peek into Nova Scotia cannabis stores
Nova Scotia is almost ready for October 17 and has given a sneak peek into their stores. Some critics are challenging the province’s current approach to product categorization as it may be outside of the marketing and advertising limitations set by the federal government.
Not all cannabis products will be legal
Not all types of cannabis will be legal on October 17. Certain products like edibles and vape pens won’t be legal for sale until the government has found a consistent way to regulate the industry and the dosage.
So, what's a nanogram?

The simple answer is that a nanogram is equivalent to one billionth of a gram. A ng/mL stands for nanograms per milliliter. It is used by labs as a unit of measure of density for test results.

How is the use of Cannabis going to impact my rights as a Canadian adult?
With legalization just a short few weeks away, it is critical for responsible cannabis users to know their rights when it comes to enjoying cannabis. Here is a summary of most of the critical things you need to know!
Canadian driving laws impacting cannabis users. Do you know the limits?

The government of Canada recently announced that they have selected Drager 5000 as the first device for doing roadside test for Cannabis and a few other substances. This decision was approved by Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, with a goal to uphold the penalties defined in Bill C-46. This device is to be used by officers after someone is pulled over and there is suspicion that they may be under the influence of a substance.

Government of Canada to spend $100M on cannabis education over 6 years
Last October the Government of Canada announced that it will allocate a total of $46 million dollars for public education and awareness over five years (2017 - 2022). Health Canada recently mentioned that the planned investment in cannabis public education is more than $100 million dollars over the next six years (2018 - 2024).
Only 11% of parents said they discussed the risks of driving under the influence with their teenagers
Young people continue to be the largest group of drivers who die in crashes and later test positive for alcohol or drugs. Canadian parents concerned about legalization of cannabis, agree not enough information available to youth about cannabis use risks.
Where can I legally buy cannabis starting October 17?
Every Canadian adult will be able to purchase cannabis on the internet starting October 17 via government-controlled websites.  Each province will also have a number of brick and mortar stores either run by the provincial agency or by private companies.
Did you know you can be banned from the U.S. because you use cannabis ?
Beginning October 17, 2018, American customs officers will be asking “Have you ever smoked pot?” more and more when crossing the border which affect 400,000 Canadians daily.