RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) is a cannabis education company that brings awareness to cannabis facts, laws, regulations, and research.
Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with products and insights needed to make informed cannabis choices.
Product Overview
RCU aims to educate all Canadians about responsible cannabis use through its products: DontBeSorry.ca, CannEd Retail, CannEd, and Weedalizer.
DontBeSorry.ca is an online resource that brings together cannabis laws across Canada. Cannabis laws and penalties differ across the country. Don’t Be Sorry makes it easy to find possession laws, smoking area laws, impaired driving laws, roadside testing, and many more cannabis-related facts all in one place.
CannEd Retail is a cannabis education tool for licensed retailers. It empowers retailers to promote responsible cannabis use by sharing facts, laws, and other information about cannabis in-store and online.
CannEd is an online cannabis course that educates employers and employees on how to manage the risks of cannabis use in the workplace. It is beneficial for all industries operating in a legalized market.
Weedalizer is an educational product that can detect recent consumption of THC in oral fluid and educates users about impaired driving laws and how easily one can be over the limit.