Is there really a difference between legal and illicit cannabis?

Are you able to identify if a legal cannabis dispensary? Is legal cannabis safer to consume? Many Canadians are still unaware of the differences between legal and illicit cannabis (and the penalties they can face if caught purchasing illegal cannabis). This is why education is important. At RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) we aim to empower individuals and organizations with the products and insights needed to make informed cannabis choices - both at the point of sale and in the workplace.

According to multiple Canada-wide surveys we conducted in 2019, a number of Canadians still prefer to purchase cannabis from the illicit cannabis market and we want to know why!

Share your opinion and test your knowledge of Canada’s cannabis laws.

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CannEd Retail - an online and in-store education program for cannabis retailers

CannEd Retail is a cannabis education tool for licensed retailers. It empowers retailers to promote responsible cannabis use by sharing facts, laws, and other information about cannabis in-store and online.

Learn more about CannEd Retail and how you can stream cannabis educational content on your website and inside your cannabis retail store.

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