Introducing Stori, the best storage for cannabis flower and edibles!

Stori is the best cannabis storage product in the market. Our mission is to fight cannabis stigma with beauty, function and responsibility.

We believe that you should store your cannabis like you do your wine, with respect and in style. Gone are the days that people should have to store their cannabis out of sight in their sock drawers because they don’t want others to know they consume cannabis.

We wanted to create an all in one solution that would provide:

  • Safety: Keep the product away from children and pets
  • Quality: Containers that protect the product’s flavours and scents 
  • Function: For day-to-day use at home and on the go
  • Design: Design that sparks conversation
What’s included in the box:
  • 1 Case
  • 6 Pods
  • 6 Tubes
  • Mobile App

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The stigma that exists around cannabis makes it difficult for some people to want to display their cananbis products out in the open. Stori allows you to properly store your cannabis securely and in plain sight. The components are airtight allowing products to stay fresh longer and keep your cannabis accessories all in one place. Stori is a functional and beautiful product that will fit nicely into any living space.


The Case, Pods and Tubes keep your cannabis organized with colour-coded lids so that you can keep track of your favourite strains. The Tubes are perfect for storing rolled joints whether you are at home or on the go so that you don’t need to carry your entire stash with you.


All of the Pods and Tubes are odour proof and child-resistant so you can have peace of mind knowing that your cannabis products won’t get into the hands of children and pets.

Rate and review

The Stori App makes it easy to keep track of your cannabis inventory, which strains you like most, and read reviews so that you know what to try next. The app will also come in handy to track your products using the colour-coded lids so you’re never left guessing.

Get your perfect cannabis storage today!


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