How cannabis education, like CannEd can benefit your organization

CannEd (developed by RCU) is an online cannabis educational course built for employers and employees to help organizations effectively communicate their workplace cannabis policy and reduce risk through education. While this sort of thing was once mostly relevant to safety-sensitive jobs, it is now part of every employee and employer's life as a citizen in a legalized country.

RCU created the CannEd course with James Wigmore, a  member of RCU’s advisory board who is a Forensic Toxicologist and author, and Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto. It has been designed to educate employees on:

Cannabis 101

  • Cannabis ABCs
  • Effects of cannabis
  • Cannabis impairment
  • Medical vs. recreational

Cannabis on the Road

  • Impaired driving
  • Business travel

Cannabis at Work

  • Duty to disclose
  • Duty to inquire
  • Duty to accommodate
  • Suspected impairment
  • Drug testing

Does your workplace have a cannabis policy? Have your employees been informed on what is expected from them if they use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes? Here is how CannEd can benefit your organization.

Encourage responsible cannabis use

With cannabis now being a legalized substance in Canada (including edibles), it’s important for employees to understand responsible cannabis use - especially in the workplace. Cannabis education in the workplace will benefit the organization as a whole to promote safety and create an understanding of employer and employee rights.

82% of employees want cannabis at work education.

Set expectations

The CannEd course was designed to allow you to incorporate your company’s cannabis policy directly into the educational content presented. This is an optional feature built for organizations that have a cannabis policy in place to help them better communicate their expectations to their employees.

You also have the option to set the minimum passing score and will be able to see how your employees are graded upon completion of the course.

14% of employees believe if they use cannabis for pain management their employer has a duty to accommodate even if they do not have a medical license.

Understand your employees’ knowledge of cannabis use in the workplace

After your employees complete the course, you will receive a detailed report to help you better understand their knowledge of cannabis use in the workplace. You will be able to see if your employees understand your workplace cannabis policy to better understand which gaps need to be filled.

38% of employees don’t know how long the effects of cannabis last.

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