CannEd empowers employers and employees with critical and actionable cannabis information

CannEd is an online cannabis education course and a policy tool that informs employees with relevant and actionable information about cannabis.

What your managers and employees will know after the course:

  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch. The basics, THC/CBD, medical/recreational
  • Fill 1 Created with Sketch. Impaired driving & safety-sensitive jobs
  • Fill 1 Created with Sketch. Duty disclose & accommodate
  • Fill 1 Created with Sketch. Signs and durations of impairment
  • Fill 1 Created with Sketch. Drug testing
  • Fill 1 Created with Sketch. Laws, penalties, & consequences
  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch. Your workplace's specific cannabis policy

Leverage Data to Measure Effectiveness

A minimum pass score allows employer to validate if content was retained by employees

Use test reports to focus communication on low scoring areas

Alerts will be automatically sent to HR teams with new updates on rules and regulations (e.g. new laws around edible market)

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Developed by Experts

Dr. Akwasi Owusu-Bempah

Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Research focus on cannabis policy and law.

Published in an array of venues such as Globe and Mail, The Hill Times, Policing and Society and Theoretical Criminology.

TEDxToronto Speaker.

James G. Wigmore

Forensic Toxicologist.

Member of Health Canada expert panel on cannabis. Author of Wigmore on Alcohol and Wigmore on Cannabis.

Expert witness in over 700 court cases.

Cited by Supreme Court of Canada and South Africa.

Our current OH&S Policy covers impairment.
Is that sufficient?

Cannabis impacts our body in a different way than alcohol. There are also a variety of ways that cannabis can be consumed. Without a cannabis specific policy your organization may not be doing all it can to secure the safety of your employees.

A cannabis specific policy should be considered as cannabis can be legally used for medicinal AND recreational purposes.

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Workplace substance management policy template by RCU

Do your executives know:

What cannabis impairment looks like?

What is the difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis?

What is the duty to accommodate?

If/when they can ask for drug test?

What they can or can’t ask employees about their cannabis use?

Are your employers aware:

Can I consume cannabis?

When can I consume cannabis?

How long the effects last for each type (e.g. smoking vs. capsules vs edibles)?

What are the impairment and penalty laws?

What is the organization's policy on cannabis?


Consume cannabis recreationally
An after work beer can be replaced by after work joint


Consume cannabis for medical purposes
Can employees replace painkillers with THC and CBD?


Of users are not aware of Bill C-46, the limits, and the penalties
Teach about the laws and the limits


Have driven within 3 hours of smoking cannabis
Educate about the risks: $1,000 fine to 120 days in prison