3 factors that can affect how you react to cannabis

On October 15, RCU attended the Conference Board of Canada’s Cannabis at Work Conference in partnership with the Globe and Mail as a participating sponsor. This conference took place just two days before the legalization of cannabis edibles in Canada. This was one of Canada's first post-legalization events relating to cannabis at work. Throughout the day, attendees heard from industry experts, researches and medical professionals on the impact cannabis has on the workplace and how to better educate their employees on responsible cannabis use.

RCU’s CEO, Afshin Mousavian joined Dr. Amy Porath, Director of Research at the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) and Nancy Carnide, Associate Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) on a panel to discuss how to effectively educate Canadians about cannabis use.

RCU’s Advisor and Forensic Toxicologist, James Wigmore closed the conference with a talk about edibles in a legalized market. During his talk, James discussed the 3 factors that can affect how you react to cannabis whether you are or are not a regular consumer. Dose, set and setting are all components that will affect how you will react to the effects of cannabis consumption.


Dose refers to the concentrations of THC in cannabis - how you consume cannabis (smoking, eating), how much THC is in the product and how much you consume. For example, did you eat 2.5 mg or 15 mg? Did you smoke the entire joint or just some? Health Canada suggests that you start low and go slow until you find a dose that works best for you.


Set is the genetic makeup of your body. Cannabis affects everyone differently depending on metabolism, pre-existing conditions, age and the frequency of consumption.


Setting refers to the environment you choose to consume cannabis. If you are used to consuming in a quiet place without many people around, you may not feel as comfortable consuming at a party. It’s recommended that you stick to an environment you are comfortable with.

CannEd is an online cannabis educational course built for employers and employees to help employers effectively communicate their policies and reduce risk through education. While this sort of thing was once mostly relevant to safety-sensitive jobs, it is now part of every employee and employer's life as a citizen in a legalized country.

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