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consumer knowledge gaps

RCU conducts ongoing assessment of Canadians’ state of awareness. Through big data captured from unique sources, the RCU finds key consumer knowledge gaps.

Total data points collected:

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Total participants surveyed:

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Unique Insights from our data


of surveyed Canadians think they can consume medicinal cannabis at work. They cannot.

74 %

of surveyed Canadians don’t know the set roadside limit for cannabis. 

50 %

of surveyed Canadians don’t know that effects of cannabis edibles can last 12-24 hour.

What are the topics covered?

Cannabis stigma threatens the global cannabis ecosystem. Through insights captured in our reports, the cannabis industry can prioritize key public knowledge gaps in their education efforts.

We have assessed the state of citizen awareness on:

  • users Created with Sketch. Regional cannabis laws
  • cannabis on the road Created with Sketch. Cannabis on the road
  • users copy 9 Created with Sketch. Cannabis at work
  • cannabis travel Created with Sketch. Cannabis and travel
  • users Created with Sketch. Familiarity with cannabis edible products

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