Cannabis at Work - State of Awareness - September 2019 Survey

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RCU set out to assess the general awareness of Canadians regarding cannabis at work in order to better understand current consumer knowledge gaps and opportunities to educate consumers, employers, and employees about cannabis laws, rights, facts, and responsibilities .

The following report presents the data captured, insights found, and recommendations for employers and employees operating in Canada, and how they can setup policies for cannabis at their place of work.

A total of 15,378 self identified Canadian employees and people managers participated in this online convenience survey which was conducted in September 2019. In total over 118,000 data points on the following topics were captured:

  1. Familiarity with how long do effects of cannabis products last
  2. Awareness regarding employers duty to accommodate
  3. Awareness regarding employees duty to disclose
  4. Awareness regarding responsibilities of people managers who see impairment at work
  5. Awareness regarding drug testing at work