RCU Partners with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) has partnered with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) to bring cannabis education in the workplace to the forefront. Developed by RCU, CannEd is a cannabis e-learning course that prioritizes safety and responsibility by promoting cannabis education.

Based on a survey conducted by RCU, 80% of employees want to be educated about the policies of cannabis at work. Take this quiz to test your own awareness of cannabis in the workplace.

This announcement comes just months after RCU became a founding member of the Ontario Cannabis Policy Council. This Council was created by the OCC and Fire & Flower in September 2019, and is composed of industry leaders tackling key issues impacting the recreational cannabis industry.

“The OCC represents businesses in a variety of industries who are navigating how to handle cannabis in the workplace, and there is a demand for better education” says Daniel Safayeni, Co-Chair of the Ontario Cannabis Policy Council and Director of Policy at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “We’re excited to bring CannEd to our membership to help teach businesses how to have informed conversations about safety and impairment in the workplace, underpinned by facts and evidence.”

The partnership between RCU and OCC allows chamber members to access CannEd at an exclusive rate. Visit thercu.org/occ to learn more.

The CannEd course is beneficial to individuals in all industries, whether or not they’re in a safety-sensitive position. “It’s about knowing your rights as an employee and employer. Cannabis is legal and we must prioritize safety while remaining inclusive to those who consume cannabis recreationally or medically,” said Afshin Mousavian, CEO of RCU.

CannEd helps employees by proactively addressing cannabis at work in an inclusive way. Employers that use CannEd can ensure safety while remaining inclusive to those that use cannabis recreationally or medically. CannEd comes with sample workplace impairment policies that employers can use to draft their own policy. “We understand that each organization has unique needs. A combination of our sample policy and the e-learning helps address needs across all industries,” added Mousavian.

CannEd is available to employers across Canada and the U.S. As of June, including courses for the transportation industry, specifically companies governed by the Department of Transportation.

About Ontario Chamber of Commerce
For more than a century, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has been the independent, non-partisan, indispensable partner of Ontario business. The OCC’s mission is to support economic growth in Ontario by defending business priorities at Queen’s Park on behalf of its network’s diverse 60,000 members.

About RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use)
RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) is a cannabis education company that brings awareness to cannabis facts, laws, regulations, and research. Through its products: Cann I Know and CannEd, RCU aims to educate all Canadians about responsible cannabis use.

The Ontario Cannabis Policy Council
The Ontario Cannabis Policy Council (OCPC) is comprised of industry leaders and experts whose primary focus is addressing the key issues impacting Ontario’s adult-use cannabis industry. Following the release of the OCC’s report Supporting Ontario’s Budding Cannabis Industry, the Council’s primary focus is advocating for the industry’s growth across the province. The Council is co-chaired by Daniel Safayeni, Director of Policy, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and Trevor Fencott, Chief Executive Officer, Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

To learn more, visit thercu.org, follow RCU on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

For Media Enquiries
Afshin Mousavian, RCU
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Ceara Copps – Edwards, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
T: 647-936-6734

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