Empowering the market by taking responsibility

What can a responsible partner do?

Employers educating employees on cannabis

RCU provides education, policy, and insights to employers in a variety of industries including: bars and restaurants, unions, transportation, schools, government organizations and more through CannEd - our cannabis education program. 

Dispensaries educating consumers online and in-store

RCU also collaborates with licensed dispensaries across Canada and the United States. Our CannEd Retail tools provide engaging programs for consumers visiting dispensary websites online or in store. 

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Did you know...

The elements of the legislation related to drug-impaired driving came into force on Royal Assent, June 21, 2018.

Department of Justice | June 20, 2018

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Implemented Random Drug Testing to see if employees have used cannabis in the past four to 24 hours. Their tolerance limit is higher than the police stated tolerance limit.

TTC | April 28, 2017

Only 11% of parents said they discussed the risks of driving under the influence with their teenagers.

Survey commissioned by Organigram Inc | Aug 2018