Accredited cannabis education for insurance brokers in Ontario

CannEd is a series of cannabis e-learning courses that help employers and employees address cannabis at work based on regional laws and industry regulations.

Insurance brokers in Ontario can now earn 1 continuing education credit by completing CannEd & EPL.

CannEd & EPL is accredited by RIBO and offers insurance brokers 1 management credit towards their continuing education credits. 

Cannabis & EPL is a 1-hour online cannabis education course built to educate insurance brokers on how cannabis can impact employer practice liability of their client operations and how they can help.

  • Does your client know they have a duty to accommodate employees who are medical cannabis patients?
  • Does your client know about the Canadian Human Rights standard about drug testing at work?
  • Do your clients know how to talk about impairment at work?

    Other Resources Included

    • CannEd | Employer & Employee course is available to your clients. Click here to learn more.
    • A Substance Management Policy Template (value of $2,000)
    • A guide for building an Equitable Policy, provided by experts at Feminuity
    • Access to our Cannabis at Work report (value of $450)
    • The course can also be set up on an existing system (LMS)
    cannabis education for employers
    Think you already know all the answers? Take this 10-question quiz and test your knowledge.

    Cannabis education is relevant in every industry and for every employer that operates in regions that have legalized cannabis.

    • HR professionals
    • Safety-sensitive jobs
    • Transportation and DOT-regulated (trucking, taxi, etc.)
    • Medical professionals
    • Insurance brokers
    • Sales and business development
    • Schools, universities and colleges
    • Travel and entertainment

    See it all in this 2-minute video:

    Think you already know all the answers? Take this 10-question quiz and test your knowledge.

    This initiative makes the following courses available to you: