Where can I legally buy cannabis starting October 17?

Every Canadian adult will be able to purchase cannabis online starting October 17, via government-controlled websites. Each province will also have a number of brick and mortar stores either run by the provincial agency or by private companies. The numbers are still not set in stone as each province and their partners work tirelessly to prepare. We estimate there will be approximately 400 stores for cannabis users to experience in the fall throughout Canada.

Continuous changes are making it hard to estimate the exact number of stores available in the fall. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) recently announced it will move away from previously planned government-operated stores to private retailers. Based on the recent changes by Doug Ford, Ontario won't see retail stores until April 2019.

Nova Scotia recently increased the number of stores after a Stats Canada study showed their residents consumed the most cannabis in Canada. It's also not clear how many stores will be in Alberta as the province has not set any limits and has received over 400 applications. Quebec, which is the second-largest province by population, will only have 20 stores. Those 20 stores will each be serving roughly 408,000 Quebecers. The reasoning for this is not clear, but as per a 2017 Stats Canada study, the province of Quebec had the most drug-impaired incidents compared to the rest of Canada.

Province Legal Age # of retail locations Private / Government
Total ~400
Newfoundland 19+ 24 Private
Nova Scotia 19+ 12 Government
New Brunswick 19+ 20 Government
Prince Edward Island 19+ 4 Government
Québec 18+ 20 Government
Ontario 19+ 40-150 (TBD) Private in April 2019
Manitoba 19+ 100+ Private
Saskatchewan 19+ 51 Private
Alberta 18+ No Limit Set By Province Private
British Columbia 19+ 24 Have Licenses Private & Government Mix
Yukon 19+ 1 Government
Northwest Territories 19+ 7 Government
Nunavut 19+ Online only

Source: www.bnnbloomberg.ca

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