Not all cannabis products will be legal

Did you know that after October 17, 2018 cannabis vape pens will be illegal?

The gist

The government has not yet found a way to regulate these products. Health Canada says more evidence is needed of the risks and harms of vape pens and cannabis concentrates. Advocates for vape pens say getting a specific dose of cannabis is much easier with vape pens than by smoking it.

But things will likely change

A Health & Wellness Company, dosist has launched a “Not Available In Canada” campaign where you can contact your local member of parliament to support the legalization of cannabis vape pens. The chances of vape pens entering the market in 2019 is high, but no official statement has yet been released.


Edibles like chocolate bars, gummies and cookies are currently present at most Canadian cannabis dispensary but will be absent going forward. No proposed regulations have been published governing legal edibles but Health Canada says they will regulate and they will be available in a year.


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