How to celebrate 420 in Canada during social distancing

Happy 420! The celebration will be a bit different this year but the message is still the same. It’s important to reduce the stigma that surrounds the use of cannabis. During this time of social distancing, it’s not possible to celebrate with friends and strangers at public events but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to enjoy your own private 420 celebrations.

Here are suggestions for celebrating 420 at home.

Curbside pick up and delivery

Cannabis has been classified as an essential service and some provinces, like Ontario, have allowed for new ways of purchase like order online and pick up curbside and delivery from licensed retailers. 

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Purchasing your cannabis from legal sources ensures that you will receive prepackaged and safe products that have been handled based on Health Canada regulations.

Consider edibles instead of smokables

Current research related to COVID-19 shows that smoking will make your lungs more vulnerable. This is why medical professionals are recommending that consumers avoid any type of smoking. This can be a great time to try other forms of cannabis products like edibles, drinkables or sprays. 

Remember that if you haven’t tried edibles before, it’s important to dose appropriately since the effects will be different than smoking cannabis. Here is a simple quiz that educates on key facts about edibles. 

Cook with cannabis

Expand your cannabis education by learning how to cook with cannabis. It’s not as hard as it seems and we’ve outlined the steps in one of our latest blog posts

Learn the laws in your region

It can be hard to understand the cannabis laws in Canada because they differ by province and territory and even municipality. Spend some time on to familiarize yourself with your regional laws.

Video call with friends

Organize a video call because it can be more fun to smoke with friends :)

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