Government of Canada to spend $100M on cannabis education over 6 years

Last October, the Government of Canada announced that it will allocate a total of $46 million dollars for public education and awareness over five years (2017-2022). Health Canada recently mentioned that the planned investment in cannabis public education is more than $100 million dollars over the next six years (2018-2024).

The issue is that the current effort is not really catching momentum and there is a challenge in effectively connecting with the youth. The campaign #DontDriveHigh is aiming to connect with the youth through content, facts, and videos. Although some of these campaigns are not going to connect with the audience, they are all contributing to the discussion, says David Hammond, a professor in the school of public health at the University of Waterloo.

We’re interested to learn more about how the government of Canada plans to utilize the $100 million dollars on cannabis education over the next 6-years. Do you have any information you can share? Let’s work together to keep the responsible user informed!


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