Did you know you can be banned from the U.S. because you use cannabis ?

Beginning October 17, 2018, American customs officers will be asking “Have you ever smoked pot?” more and more when crossing the border which will affect 400,000 Canadians daily. Those who tell the truth risk being banned from the United States for life.

“Canadians being denied entry for smoking marijuana were once rare but they're much more common now,” says Len Saunders, an immigration lawyer practicing in Blaine, Washington. Involvement in the legal cannabis industry in Canada could also be reason enough for border guards to deny entry. Questioning tactics are in full discretion of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers on duty. It’s important to know your rights when travelling to the U.S.

Even after October 17, 2018, it will continue to be illegal to transport cannabis across Canada's national borders even if you are authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes. Travelling and not declaring cannabis in your possession at the Canadian border is a serious offence with up to 14-years in jail for taking cannabis across Canada's borders.

Source: www.cbc.ca

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