‘Cann I Know’ Launch - A New Cannabis Education Portal

We are living in unprecedented times. The world is changing day by day, and the world of legalized cannabis and cannabis usage is also constantly evolving. In this ever-changing environment, RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use), has become a go-to platform for Canadian cannabis education and awareness since its legalization in October 2018. The federal regulations have been complex, with restrictions being modified as each province, territory and even municipality refines their guidelines, making access to a user-friendly platform vital for members of society to be aware of their rights around responsible cannabis use. 

‘Don’t Be Sorry’

If you are confused about cannabis laws, you are not alone. As a citizen, it’s essential to be well acquainted with the facts and the laws around cannabis use so you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law. An accessible cannabis education platform is an obvious solution. The Don’t Be Sorry resource has been one of RCU’s online initiatives in providing cannabis education and creating awareness around the responsible use of cannabis at work, at play, at home, on the road and across the world. RCU launched DontBeSorry.ca when cannabis was legalized in Canada to give Canadians a free resource to access and understand the complicated laws which vary region by region.

‘Cann I Know’

Canadian cannabis laws are not universal. Regulations and laws regarding legal cannabis use vary in each country. So, cannabis education and knowledge of laws and restrictions beyond Canada’s borders is imperative. That is why, on April 20, 2020, RCU proudly announced its launch of canniknow.com - a website uniquely positioned to equip and empower Canadians around cannabis regulations and individual rights beyond Canada’s borders.

Canniknow.com will cover both medicinal and recreational cannabis regulations for Canada and the U.S. with plans to cover South Africa, Uruguay, the UK and many more by the end of the year. Cannabis literacy is critical, and the mission of Cann I Know is to make cannabis education more accessible to recreational consumers and medical patients around the world. It will also serve as a resource for monitoring new regions across the world that are assessing cannabis legalization.


RCU is a reliable Canadian cannabis education platform, creating awareness and providing factual information and research for individuals and organizations on regulations and responsible cannabis usage.

Canniknow.com is the latest initiative to grow out of our Don’tBeSorry.ca website.

Learn more by visiting RCU and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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