2021 - A Year in Review with RCU - Responsible Cannabis Use

It’s hard to believe that the two-year anniversary of the pandemic is approaching. It has been another challenging year for a lot of industries, including cannabis, but we are still proud of how we have continued to grow and evolve as a business. A big thank you to all of you for your ongoing support. Whether you purchased Stori, took our CannEd e-learning course, participated in an online survey or contest – we thank you!

We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few highlights with you from 2021.

We continued to promote cannabis education in the workplace through our CannEd e-learning courses.

CannEd is a cannabis e-learning course developed for employers and employees operating in regions where cannabis is medically or recreationally legalized. The following course are available:

  •   Cannabis education for trucking and transportation 
  •   Cannabis education for HR professionals 
  •   Cannabis education for insurance brokers
  •   Cannabis education for police officers and security guards

 Learn more about CannEd and cannabis education for employers

We co-hosted a free webinar for CPHR Alberta members

We teamed up with CPHR Alberta to provide a free webinar to their members focusing on how to address cannabis in the workplace. The panel included Karina Karassev, Co-Founder & COO of RCUJames Wigmore, forensic toxicologist and Shannon Friesen, Principal and Sr. HR Consultant at ACTivate HR. It was a lively discussion and gave CPHR Alberta members the opportunity to ask the panel questions.

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We co-hosted a free webinar for CPHR Manitoba members

Along with CPHR Manitoba, we provided a free webinar for their members focusing on how to address cannabis in the workplace. The panel included Karina Karassev, Co-Founder & COO of RCU, Ken Doige, Founder and CEO of ESRM Solutions and Matthew Banera - Director, Human Resources at New Flyer Holdings Canada Inc.

We conducted a survey to find out if mom’s talk to their kids about cannabis

In honour of Mother’s Day, we conducted a survey to understand the sentiment mothers have about talking to their kids about cannabis. We were especially curious if moms still felt the need to hide their cannabis products post-legalization. The survey had over 1,300 participants and of those, 57% said they still hide their cannabis at home.

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We partnered with the Professional Security Knowledge Network (PSKN) to promote cannabis education in the workplace

We continued our work with PSKN to promote cannabis education amongst police officers and security professionals. Individuals in these roles have a responsibility to serve and protect the public without bias which is why cannabis education is so important.

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Stori took home four design awards

In April, Stori won Gold in the Product Design category at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards.

In September, Stori received an honorable mention in the 2021 Loop Design Awards.

In November, Stori was nominated for Accessory Brand of the Year in the 2021 ADCANN Awards.

In December, Stori won Bronze at the 2021 Clio Cannabis Awards in the Product Innovation category and the prestigious 2021 Good Design Awards.

The Stori App won the distinctive Red Dot Award

Stori App, the cannabis personalization app, wins the distinctive 2021 Red Dot Brand & Communications Design Award. The Stori App is designed for medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers across the globe to help them navigate their personal cannabis experience. The Stori App, is a companion web application to Stori, the purpose-built cannabis storage which recently won gold in the product design category at the 2021 International Muse Design Awards.

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We introduced the Stori Pair

We had a lot of interest from customers around purchasing the Tubes and Pods separately - so we delivered! The Stori Pair includes one Stori Pod and Tube designed to keep your flower, edibles and pre-rolls in ideal conditions. It’s the perfect solution if you don’t have enough product for a Stori Kit.

Get your Pair!

We received attention from media outlets

Our award-winning cannabis storage container Stori received a lot of love from various publications. It’s been great seeing the shift in the conversation around cannabis consumption.

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